Nutritionist vs Dietician

Many are times that people want to keep healthy and fit. However, the problem usually arises when an individual does not know whether to go for a nutritionist of a dietician for advice on how to be healthy. Well, if you have found yourself in this kind of a situation, you no longer have to worry about anything. Here is some workable information concerning nutritionist vs. dietician.

A dietician, as the name suggests, is someone that deals with the entire human diet that concerns both food and nutrition. This is whereby a professional offers advice on your dietary, help in the provision of eating habits that are healthy, participates in different nutritional researches and can also come up with specified diets for individuals.

Nutritionist vs Dietician on the other hand, is a health specialist who is more into the science behind food and nutrition. What does this mean? This basically means that a nutritionist is someone who looks deeper into nutrients that are needed in the body for specific functions, nutrient deficiencies that cause certain diseases, the cure of ailments and other different diseases by intake of different foods and nutrients and things like that.

Nutritionist vs Dietician

In order for an individual to qualify to be a dietician, there are some levels that are a must to go through. These include a bachelor’s degree in the dietetics course. This should be done from an accredited university or college and it normally takes four years. You also need to complete the necessary internship, you must take the registered dietitian exam and pass and you also need to complete the required continuing education credits in order for the license to be maintained.

For the case of a nutritionist, there is no specific level of education or qualification that is required by the law in order to call yourself a nutritionist. Mostly, nutritionists have different credentials ranging from a bachelor’s degree to PhD. Unlike it is for the case of a nutritionist, a dietician has to go through a course that touches on food and nutrition sciences, business, sociology, food services systems and management, economics, culinary arts, computer science, microbiology, chemistry, biochemistry, anatomy and physiology.

A dietician has to follow the rules and guidelines that are set by the right association when dealing with clients. However, a nutritionist is not governed by any rules or regulations. This means that anyone call himself a nutritionist without having any credentials.

Dieticians have learnt how counsel individuals in order to get them to improve on their health and overall lifestyle. This is made possible by the fact that they consider your medical history on dietary, the current symptoms that you have, the supplements that you take, the medications, your weight, your exercise routine and most importantly, your eating habits. With this information, they are able to gather the right information and come up with the right advice that is effective and also very safe. This way you are able to reach your desired goals on dietary without problems.Most people prefer dieticians to nutritionist because they are sure of the qualifications of a dietician.

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